Sōta Mizushino (水篠颯太 Mizushino Sōta?) is the main protagonist of Re:Creators. A student in his second year of high school, Sota's life is changed forever when he meets Selesia Upitiria, the protagonist of his favorite anime. She saves him from the mysterious Altair and he tells her that she is actually a fictional character who has come to life in the real world. Now, Sota and Selesia must gather the other characters that have arrived into the real world and save their worlds from total destruction.


Setsuna Shimazaki

Sota and Setsuna Shimazaki met on a website where they both liked the drawings that each other posted on that website. They soon became friends and talked to each other a lot. When Setsuna collaborated with a very famous artist, she was criticised and accused of having stolen ideas from other artists. Sota couldn't bring himself to help her, as he felt jealous of her, ultimately causing Setsuna to commit suicide


Sota has the looks of an average young man in high school. He has straight brown hair that reaches down to his neck and amber brown eyes. He is often seen wearing his school uniform during his everyday life circumstances.


A huge fan of anime and video games, Sota has the potential to be a Creator. However, he is shy and quiet, and his feelings can get hurt easily. Overall, he has proven to be a friendly and selfless person, willing to help Selesia and Meteora return to their homes.