Re:Creators (レクリエイターズ Re:Kurieitāzu, ?) stylized as Re:CREATORS is a single-season anime and manga series. The anime is being produced and animated by TROYCA, with the direction of Ei Aoki. The anime premiered on April 8, 2017 in Japan. The main manga series premiered on February 18, 2017 in Monthly Sunday Gene-X. A spin-off, Re:Creators One More!, premiered on June 12, 2017 in Monthly Shōnen Sunday.


The series is about a high school student, Sōta Mizushino, who becomes involved in a battle between several characters from manga, anime and video games who appear in the real world because of the show's main antagonist, Altair.


  • Director: Ei Aoki
  • Series Composition: Ei Aoki, Rei Hiroe
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Original Creator: Rei Hiroe
  • Original Character Design: Rei Hiroe
  • Character Design: Ryuichi Makino
  • Art Director: Kouki Nagayoshi
  • Chief Animation Director:  Jun Nakai, Ryuichi Makino
  • Mechnical Design: I-IV
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • CGI Director: Miki Yoshida, Mitsutaka Iguchi
  • Director of Photography: Kouki Nagayoshi
  • Art Setting: Masahiro Sato, Tomoyasu Fujise
  • Assistant Director: Makoto Katō
  • Visual Effects: Ryosuke Tsuda
  • Effects Animation: Takashi Hashimoto
  • Color Key: Mariko Shinohara
  • Editing: Syota Migiyama



  • 2nd Key Animation: Ace Company, Big Owl, BSP, Nakamura Production, NAZ, RIC, Rising Force, SDM, SILVER LINK, Studio Elle, Studio Gram, Studio Kuma, TROYCA, Wafū Animation, xenron
  • Animation Production: TROYCA
  • Animation Production Cooperation: WillPalette (episode 4)
  • Background Art: H・E・D WORKS
  • CG Animation: POLYG
  • Finish Animation: acca effe, Animesh, Big Owl, BSP, CL Koenji, D-COLORS, Green, Jumondo, Kagura, office fuu, Reboot, RIC, Rising Force, SDM, SMX, Studio Elle, Studio Gram, Studio Kuma, TAP, TROYCA, Typhoon Graphics, Wish, xenron, Xuyang Animation
  • Between Animation: 8bit, A-Line, acca effe, Anime R, Artland, Big Owl, BSP, CL Koenji, CoMix Wave Films, D-Motion, FAI, GAINAX, J.C Staff, Jumondo, Kino Production, Nakamura Production, office DCI, Reboot, RIC, Rising Force, SDM, SILVER LINK, SMX, Snowdrop, Studio 4°C, Studio Elle, Studio Gram, Studio Kuma, Studio Mu, Studio Rings, TAP, TROYCA, WillPalette, xenron, Xuyang Animation, Zero-G
  • Photography: MADBOX, TROYCA
  • Photography Assistance: Asahi Production Miyagi Shiroishi Studio
  • Production: Aniplex, Shogakukan
  • Sound Production: Magic Capsule
  • Video Editing: Imagica
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